Pinkitzel Tulsa is now open! We're super excited to announce the opening of our Tulsa store at 201 S Denver across from the BOK Center! Pictures and more info to follow soon! 

• Pinkitzel delivers! See all of our cupcake flavors and more info on our delivery options on our cupcake menu page.

• We're hiring for Tulsa and it's sweet here! Would you like to work at Pinkitzel and bring happiness to kids of all ages? Fill out an online application at www.pinkitzel.com/jobs.




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PINKITZEL Cupcakes & Candy is an Oklahoma owned, unbelievably extravagant cupcake bakery, cafe, candy store, and gift store all rolled into one place unlike anything you’ve ever seen or shopped at before!

We’re not just about how amazing everything looks, we’re all about the flavors and tastes you will experience. Our moist gourmet cupcakes are made fresh every day, and topped off with icings in our signature swirl that will blow you away with flavor. Don’t even get us started on our fun drinks, including several amazing types of hot cocoa, including peppermint, bacon, and salted caramel! We also have flavored milks, Oklahoma roasted coffee, lattes, espresso, Lorina French sparkling pink lemonade, and chocolate soda, all of which are perfect to enjoy with friends while you sit and relax in our cafe.

Pinkitzel is also an entire boutique of gifts, toys, candy, and chocolate – several hundred selections of the best in loose candy, taffy, and lollipops, lots of vintage and imported candies and chocolate, with everything from toffee to pralines, and only the finest and largest selection of handmade chocolate truffles. With every sweet treat imaginable, Pinkitzel is perfect for kids of all ages!



With inspiration from Willy Wonka to Marie Antoinette to Alice in Wonderland, entering Pinkitzel is like coming into a modern and whimsical world full of sugar, sweets and tasty delights.

Our Crazy Name

Pinkitzel is a play on two words, pink and kitzel— which means tickle in Yiddish. So Pinkitzel means tickled pink, which is what we hope you are when you visit and enjoy our cupcakes, truffles, and candy. 

Bringing happiness to our customers puts a smile on our faces, and our customers are a special part of our family, so please stop by and see us soon, or we'd love to deliver to someone special for you!




150 N EK Gaylord Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Sun: 1PM - 9PM
Mon - Thu: 11AM - 9PM
Fri & Sat: 11AM - 11PM

We're always open late after events at the Chesapeake Arena too!


1389 E. 15th St.
Edmond, OK 73013

Sun: 1PM - 8PM
Mon - Sat: 11AM - 9PM



201 S. Denver Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74103

Sun: 1PM - 9PM
Mon - Thu: 11AM - 9PM
Fri & Sat: 11AM - 11PM

We're always open late after events at the BOK Center too!